Please choose from the following options below:

. Entry Fee - with added convience fee$105
Entry Fee + Big Bass pot - with added convience fee $155

1. Practice courtesy, safety, and follow all local and state game laws.
2. Only artificial lures may be used.
3. You may pre-register at Rambo Outdoors, located at 2313 MacArthur Drive, in Orange and also on line at
4. Each boat that will be used for competition must undergo a livewell check prior to launching. This must be performed by an official tournament director and will be done at check-in.
5. All boats will leave from weigh-in site in order of team number.
6. Competitors must remain in their boat during competition and may not depart the boat to land fish or to gain access to fishing waters.
7. All fish should be weighed in alive (no fish on ice will be weighed). NO DEAD FISH WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE WEIGHED IN.
8. A maximum of 5 fish per team will be weighed for each tournament. Only largemouth and/or spotted bass will be weighed. All bass must measure at least 12” in length.
9. The “Check It Stick” is recognized as the official measuring device for this tournament.
10. A competitor may ask to borrow one of the official measuring sticks to measure a fish at his or her boat before entering it as a part of the official sack.
11. Once the fish has been relinquished to the tournament, they will be measured. If a fish is found to be less than 12” in length, that team will be disqualified from that tournament and will not be allowed to be considered for prizes for that tournament.
12. The official measurer will make every attempt to prove a fish legal, including flipping the fish over and measuring the other side.
13. The official measurer’s word is final and will not be disputed by any other official or spectator.
14. All fish that are entered into the tournament become the property of the tournament and therefore Must be released at the ramp alive, NO EXCEPTIONS.
15. In the event of a tie, the team with the largest fish shall be awarded the higher ranking. In the
event that big bass is a tie then the first to register will determine the higher ranking. 16. Make sure you get the official weigh in time.
17. Each participant may fish with only one rod. However more than one rod may be kept in the boat.
18. Time for onsite registration will begin at 5am and will last until first weigh in time.
19. First Flight will be at “Safelight” to be determined by the Tournament Director Blast. Team blast off will be determined by registration.
20. Flights will be separated at 15 minute intervals at blast-off and during weigh-in. Each team is responsible for remembering their weigh-in times. Weigh in times will be given during morning check in. Failure to weigh in before or by specified weigh in time will result in team disqualification. Each team must check in with tournament officials prior to weigh in.
21. Online team registrations will be charged a convenience fee of $5 for entry fee and $5 for optional big bass pot.
22. Polygraph tests may be given on a random basis and must be passed. Each contestant, by signing the entry form, agrees to submit to a polygraph. No illegal drugs or alcohol may be used or consumed during tournament hours.

Special Requirements for Tournament

1. When fishing waters in Louisiana no fishing may occur if area is posted by land owner or the land owner request that you leave the property.
2. All water fished in Louisiana must be open to fishing for all anglers competing in the event.
3. When fishing in Louisiana a valid Louisiana Fishing license must be purchased unless fishing in
waters directly adjacent to Texas. Anglers may fish the main river channel of the Sabine with a Texas fishing License, however if you enter a cut or channel a Louisiana license is required.

Entry Fees & Payouts

1. Entry fee is $100 per team – Maximum of 2 People per boat. Exceptions are made for High School teams. *** (High School Teams may fish accompanied by their team captain. High School teams must wear their fishing uniforms and captain must be present at all times. Captain cannot fish during tournament and team will be disqualified as a result if proven guilty.)
2. 100% of Entry Fee goes to charity.
3. Payout on Entry Fee will be rewarded to the team with the largest stringer.
4. Payout places are guaranteed up to a maximum of 5 places.

Optional Big Bass Side Pot

1. Entry fee for optional big bass side pot will be $50 per boat. All side pot prize money goes to anglers.
2. Team with largest bass will be awarded prize money. Only 1st and 2nd place will be awarded prize money.
3. In the event of a tie the team that registered first will determine the higher ranking and will be the tie breaker.
4. 1 st place will be awarded 70%.
5. 2 nd place will be awarded 30%.